The Little Grin

Children are a reflection of all of us. Regardless of genetics, regardless of mimicry, they are truly universal characters.

How often do parents of very young children struggle to calm their kids? I sometimes wish Little A had a three-word vocabulary: sleepy, hungry, and ouch.

Since I’m not a genetic engineer, I will just have to figure everything out like everyone else. But, my little guy has developed an almost diabolical trait: the grin.

The number if times he’s screamed, cried, and was all-around cranky are countless. Many times nothing but picking him up works; and works in multiple ways. Not only does Little A stop crying, but a grin of underhanded glee stretches across his face. He is happy. All he wanted was to be picked up and held.

Of course we don’t mind holding him, but we don’t want him to become dependent on it. Not to mention, 27 pounds gets heavy very quickly.

I don’t know where he learned this nifty little trick, but I’ve seen the same grin from mommy. Of course she’s seen the same grin from me. Children are truly a reflection of all of us.

On a separate note, the madness of march spilled into April. Hence my Sunday morning musing is a Sunday evening post. I thank all my followers for bearing with this slight deviation of the flight plan.


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