Good Tears

One night you came to me,
happy and joyful.
Tears in your eyes,
you said we were now going to be

Months passed.
We discovered so much more.
Little hands, little feet.
The greatest sound of all,
a new heartbeat.
Good tears streamed down your
I the proud to-be papa choked with joy.

One night, sound asleep, I awoke.
Water broke,
I flew the car to the hospital.
Greeted by a blurry-eyed doctor with a smile.

The nurses fluttered,
into the sterile room we went.
You squeezed my hand,
Within the hour your belly went.

An endless pause,
then the silence broken.
A scream of new life.
The good tears came once more.
Who knows, maybe one day,
we will grow again from three to four.


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