De-contstruction Of a Crib

When my wife and I were expecting, so much needed to be done in preparation for the baby. Constructing the crib was one such event. I will admit I was rather excited when we built the crib. A crib signifies so much to me, so to see it in the baby’s room, well let’s say I needed a moment.

Ten months later, I’m now dismayed. Little A, the little man he is, decided to teach a class on how to de-construct said crib. Please note, no tools were used and the structure of the crib remained intact. The same cannot be said for the contents.

As most parents can attest, there are moments (more so than we like to admit) when nothing will keep a little one happy. No toys, no bouncers, or play mats. Such was the situation my wife faced one afternoon. In the crib Little A went. However, no nap was needed. He sat there, looking around.

Within moments, Little A provided the following instructions:

  1. Push all stuffed animals to one side or corner of crib. These will not be needed.
  2. Rip down electronic aquarium used to lull baby to sleep with soft tones and light.
  3. Place aquarium face down on mattress, this will be used to make banging noise later.
  4. Grasp top of padding, tied to crib, firmly with both hands and pull. Ensure padding comes fully off crib.
  5. Stop yanking and bang on aquarium.
  6. Stop banging on aquarium and yank off left sock.
  7. Throw left sock into corner with stuffed animals.
  8. Grasp padding again, yank to ensure padding is sufficiently off crib.
  9. Move to knees and grab on to crib bars.
  10. Hold on to bars, turn to mommy and smile at camera. Picture will be considered for high school year book in 18 years.

I’m proud of my son for being energetic and enthusiastic about his endeavors. I’m fortunate he doesn’t know how to use tools yet either. At first I thought we would be somewhat frustrated, but the whole scene made us giggle like we were the little ones. This was truly a joyful and fun family moment.


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