Writing Blog Posts With a Goal

A few weeks back I discussed writing blog posts in 300 words or less. For me, keeping posts to that length suits my writing style. Not to mention, in my household, time is of the essence with a one-year-old.

Once you get the length, and by no means does a blogger need to always stick to a specific number of words. Unless of course that’s part of your blog’s character. If you need a few more words, go ahead. A few less, why not? Remember, it’s all about the content.

With content as king, that is where setting a goal for your posts (that sounds funny) is important. What’s the point of your post? What are trying to convey? What and how do you want to say it? The who, what, where, why, and when mantra holds true for blogging.

I’ve found, my original goal can change as I’m actually writing, and that’s fine. But for a busy blogger, setting a goal helps to streamline your writing process. Not to mention, it can alleviate some of the self-imposed stress of producing good content.

I’ll insert my blogging and fatherhood connection here, after all this is a blog about being a dad. Setting a goal saves me time. The more time I save, the more I get to spend with my little one. I’m a believer that parents need to maintain some of their personal interests to maintain their own health. For me, blogging is one such interest.

So before who type, think about your point and what you want to achieve. Let your fingers do the rest. Good luck.


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