Blogging: Keeping It Short, My Posts That Is

Full-time job, house, and of course being a dad, time is of the essence in everything I do. So how do I keep blogging away? Simple, keep my posts short and sweet.

Keeping a post short doesn’t mean skimping on detail or argument. In fact, quite the opposite. I try to keep my posts to 300 words or less. Let’s face it, attention spans on the internet are not what they used to be. Especially with the advent of social media like Twitter. Being concise in my posts is a goal. I’ll talk about goals and writing posts in a later post.

But for now, I’ve found keeping it short is the way for me to go. Now of course, some stories require longer posts, but I believe the audience that wants to read longer posts will ultimately find what they are looking for. But for purposes of time and telling my point, short is best.

My son doesn’t allow me to complete a post in one sitting all the time. Especially as he becomes more mobile, and I believe he is developing his throwing arm already. There is still hope of his future career as a relief pitcher, I digress.

Writing posts isn’t about length, but about content. Bloggers of all experience levels will tell you content is king. This is a founding “law” of blogging if you will, and is one that will hold true until the Sun goes supernova. Just because a blogger doesn’t have time to write like Charles Dickens, doesn’t mean they can’t produce good, well-written, concise blog posts. Not to mention, honing such skills will help said blogger in many other forms of writing.

So be concise, write well, and enjoy your blog.



3 thoughts on “Blogging: Keeping It Short, My Posts That Is

  1. Your post was, is, a gift. The insight is appreciated for this new, unseasoned, blogger. I’ve been following your blog, and have been able to get by for a bit … and I am reminded of why I follow your blog. Keep on, and be blessed.

    • First, a sincere thanks for continuing to follow my blog. I’m glad you find it useful.

      Second, keep on blogging. The best way to develop as a blogger is to keep blogging. Don’t get discouraged. Blogging ain’t easy, but that’s half the fun.

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