A Dad, A Blog, and The Mouse In The Attic

As a dad, I realize there is nothing that is beyond my area of responsibility. Changing diapers, not a problem. Cooking dinner, will do. Replacing the kitchen sink, consider it done. Changing the oil, what’s next. Eliminating the mouse in the attic…yeah I guess.

I’ve killed spiders, mosquitos, ants, chased away the stray neighborhood cat, and threatened the bird that kept flying into the damn window. This was the first time I had to eliminate a furry creature. Yes, mice carry disease, bite your stuff, reproduce like, well mice, etc. But, this mouse had a personality.

I tried everything to make his stay, (I’m assuming it was male), as uncomfortable as possible. I kept going up into the attic. I strategically placed the poison that sends them in search of water outside the house.

He kept coming back.

One evening, I thought he was finally gone. Then, in the wee hours of the morning, the scurrying feet graced the topside of the ceiling. I told my wife, no worries, I put fresh poison out. This won’t take long.

I didn’t pay attention to it for a day. Then, while writing a blog post, there it was. Directly over my head. As if he knew I was right below. His scurrying was like non-verbal mocking. I cursed the mouse as if he were the nemesis of my life. I simply wanted him to leave.

I saved my draft. Signed-out of WordPress.com. I went to bed to ponder the future of the mouse in the attic.

I will spare you the grisly details. Just know the end of the mouse involved him caught in a trap, squirming and squeaking a heart-wrenching squeak. His end was quick as I had no other choice. Plus, I couldn’t listen to the squeaking, thinking how horrible I was. Oh the humanity.

One day I will tell my son about this, as he was completely oblivious and more concerned with seeing just how many toes he could fit in his mouth at the same time.

There is no rest for us dad’s. We do it all. Rest in peace mouse.


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