A Daily Prompt For A Sunday Morning Musing

Several types of Cirrus clouds.

Several types of Cirrus clouds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Daily Prompt talks about finding yourself in the zone. Getting lost in a simple activity. We all take time to stare at the clouds. Whether alone, or with others. I thought a poem would be appropriate.


Staring at the clouds in the sky.

They float by, in shapes and hues.

A tiger, a lion, a dog.

A bird, a castle, was that a fish?

Different shapes. Different things.

All characters that distract from my surroundings.

The wind is blowing, the tall grass sways.

Sunlight comes and goes as the clouds of shapes pass by.

Birds, I hear none. I forget the bustling people around me.

I forget the past, get lost in my present, and don’t think of the future.

The shapes of clouds take me away.

I get lost staring at clouds in the sky.


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