Parenting and Leadership: A Little Humility Goes A Long Way

Humility escapes us. So few of us truly demonstrate humility. At least, so few individuals I know. Is arrogance simply human nature? Is this simply a cultural problem? Maybe others out there know more humble individuals than I have the privilege of knowing. I’ve realized however, humility is a form of leadership that we as parents need to demonstrate to our children.

Our culture promotes individuals who quite frankly are arrogant, loud, and selfish. Confidence is a positive trait, arrogance is not. Unfortunately, the line between the two blurs easily.

I will grant the fact at times, leaders need to demonstrate a little arrogance. Sometimes, many times, that’s how individuals attain success. Society has a way of teaching people to step on others to get ahead. What if we all demonstrated a little more humility? I wonder where we would be.

I struggle with the idea of how will I teach my son humility without allowing others to take advantage of him. I do not want others to speak of him as that cocky little….; or that arrogant brat. We all know we say things about other people’s kids. However, I want him and need him to develop into a strong individual.

I’m writing about the topic of humility because in recent weeks I’ve experienced a wave of rather arrogant people. I’m a firm believer in earning your way. If you think you deserve something, a specific job, a degree, an award, whatever it maybe, then work for it. Unfortunately, too many people picture themselves in better life positions, but lack the ability and the maturity to earn those positions. Don’t bother telling them this, they may cry.

I myself am guilty of demonstrating arrogance. I think we all are. But I still don’t understand why humility escapes so many of us so frequently. Life is about relationships. I stated I don’t know many humble people. I hope my son is fortunate enough to surround himself with humility. I do believe a little humility, goes a long way.


3 thoughts on “Parenting and Leadership: A Little Humility Goes A Long Way

  1. Excellent topic. I don’t know that I’ve thought of it quite the way you put it, but I do implicitly (I hope) teach my boys humility by modeling respect for other people, no matter who they are, and also by calling them out when they are acting selfishly. In our modern hyper-competitive, neo-libertarian society, the individual is paramount to the group. So we’ve ended up with an unhealthy climate of suspicion, rather than cooperation. Relationships now tend to be increasingly transactional rather than “true” friendships, because true friendships leave us vulnerable, and no one wants to be at the bottom of the food chain.
    Still, there is a lot to be said for the inner-happiness that arises when we put others first. Modeling that happiness might be the most important thing we do when trying to raise our kids to love themselves by loving others even more.

    • Excellent points Bill. You are dead on about relationships today, they are about the individual getting what the individual wants. I think few of us have as many “true” friends as we would like to think.

      Thanks for your comments Bill.

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