Relaxing As a Dad: The Super Bowl

Believe it or not, watching the Super Bowl with a baby isn’t as stressful as one may think. I was concerned over being distracted. However, Little A kept himself relatively occupied. At points, he didn’t want anyone touching his toys. He was transfixed.

Granted, there were times during the game I was standing and swaying from side-to-side to keep the little guy calm. In the end, I think Little A’s first Super Bowl experience went well.

He wasn’t all that impressed with Beyonce, but I told him the Halftime Show isn’t what we really watch the game for. He raised his brow, stuck his tongue out, screeched in agreement, and went back to the bright, red and yellow giraffe toy.

Little A finally went to bed just before said “blackout.” Fortunately, Alicia Keys was still singing the National Anthem, so we turned the volume up and that helped to serenade the little one to sleep.

I look forward to next season. I look forward to a Super Bowl where I probably will get more exercise than any previous Super Bowl. How you ask? Little A will be approaching the age of two. Do you think he’s going to sit around? I digress.

In the end, I would say my Super Bowl XLVII (47 for you non-Roman types), experience was a relaxing one. I’ve posted before about watching sports and relaxing as a dad. We can include the Super Bowl too.


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