Holidays: The Days After

Growing up, many of us relish the Holiday Season. Coming from a family that celebrates Christmas, the joy of receiving and opening gifts as a kid is self-explanatory. As I grew older, I became more disconnected from the holidays.

I think as we get older, the materialism within our culture takes over and holidays like Christmas are about the gadgets and the gifts. The spiritual meaning, the faith in which the holiday is based loses its true meaning.

I don’t know much about other faiths and their holidays, but I sometimes wonder if this disconnect, or something like it, occurs as well.

The Holiday Spirit Renewed

This Christmas however, brought back that special feeling that can only be felt by family and good friends around the tree. This was Little A’s first Christmas. Needless to say this was special for my wife and I. Daddy became quite the photographer. Not to mention the effort required to position the video camera just right to capture everything.

We learned something as well, Little A is scared straight by wrapping paper being ripped apart. I suspect, next year this will be quite different as he will probably find more fun in the boxes and wrapping paper than the contents of said boxes.

Little A’s first Christmas was truly special and the memories will last a life time. With this I realized, that while the holidays may lose some of their true meaning for a time; that time is temporary. Amazing what the little ones can teach us.


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