Super Sunday Morning Musings: Super Bowl A Family Affair

Super Bowl XLVII (47 for you non-Roman types) is upon us. The Super Bowl is itself a quintessential family affair. This year, in particular, we have the battle of the Harbaugh brothers. Personally, I’m not sure if I want to be at that Thanksgiving Day table come November. I digress.

Super Bowl Sunday is for me, the true end of the holiday season. Think about it, family, friends, food, a common purpose for coming together. Today is the definition of celebration really.

This year, our celebration will be somewhat muted. However, it will be the first time I watch the game with my son. So of course, I’m rather thrilled. I can remember getting some food and watching the game with my dad when I was a kid. He wasn’t into football really, but I was. So for him, my interest became his interest. He was just glad to spend some time with his son. For me, it was not only a lesson I’m applying now as a father, but memories that I treasure.

With the Harbaugh brothers facing off, many have raised the question of how the parents feel. I heard the other day, Jack Harbaugh, father of Jim and John said while he was proud, he feels no more proud than when his sons were successful in other endeavors, no matter how small. I’m paraphrasing of course, but he raises a good point.

Parents are proud of their kids successes. After all, each step they take is a step towards growing up. From fingerpainting, to graduating college, parents take pride in their kids accomplishments. I’m proud of my little guy every time he discovers something new, or coos in delight.

Jack Harbaugh’s comments show us one more thing: a strong sense of family. That family bond I believe creates character. That bond passes from generation to generation. I would suspect much of Jim and John’s success is directly related to that family bond.

Regardless of which team wins Super Bowl XLVII today, their families are proud. I think this is something many of us can learn from.

P.S. Go 49ers!