A Top 5 for Sunday Morning: The ideal day versus reality

Sunday’s are interesting days. Sometimes they are filled with relaxation and football. Some of us worship in our respective ways. Others spend the day with family around a table eating. Still others need the time to mow the lawn and do all the things they didn’t get to during the week.

I started thinking about what I do on Sundays. Sometimes I end up doing basically what I don’t want to be doing. So what are five things I think most dad’s ideal Sunday would be:

  1. Watching football, baseball or golf.
  2. Eating.
  3. Not doing yard work.
  4. Sleeping past 7 am.
  5. Checking the football schedule for next Sunday.

The items above make a great plan. Below are the five things that will actually happen today:

  1. Watch cartoons to keep the little one happy.
  2. Hopefully eat lunch sometime between 12 pm and 2 pm.
  3. Mow the lawn.
  4. I was up at 6:30 am.
  5. There is no point in checking next Sunday’s NFL schedule.

Enjoy your Sunday!

I hope you enjoyed this post. All comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged!


Sunday Morning Musings: Mmmm….Pancakes

English: Neil's (Neil Kleinberg) blueberry pan...

English: Neil’s (Neil Kleinberg) blueberry pancakes, made at the Clinton Street Baking Co. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mmm…pancakes, yes, I love pancakes. I always have, and until a board certified medical professional tells me I need to stop eating pancakes, I always will. Well, probably not. I digress.

As a kid, pancakes were a regular occurrence on Sunday mornings. I remember sleeping over my best friend’s house one weekend. His dad asked how many pancakes I wanted. My dad made large pancakes. My friend’s dad made them smaller. So out came the number “36!” I ate five and done.

When I went off to college pancakes weren’t always around, sad times. I couldn’t muster the ambition to make my own even when I moved off campus.

After college living in my apartment, no roommates, and unfortunately no steady girlfriend to impress, pancakes became a food group. Pancakes make an awesome dinner. They really do.

Fast-forward to a family of my own. Pancakes are now a delicacy. Not because they are difficult to make, but they are somewhat of a production. With a little guy needing much attention, the challenge is obvious. However, I strive to enjoy life and that includes enjoying a nice stack, of fluffy, blueberry-filled, smothered with butter, and dripping in maple syrup, pancakes.

I used to watch my dad make pancakes and when I was old enough, he handed the spatula over to me, always under his watchful eye of course. One day, I hope to hand the proverbial spatula over to Little A. A simple thing such as making pancakes brings back warm memories for me. I hope to use the same experience, to make warm memories for my son. Mmmm…pancakes.

Sunday Morning Musings: The Parent “Oscars”

Academy Award

Academy Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Sunday brings us the Oscars. The film industry’s most prestigious award ceremony aims to recognize and entertain simultaneously. I myself am not an Oscar watcher. Never really been my thing. However, the celebration did give me an idea. Why not have an award ceremony for us parents?

I don’t mean to take away anything from the actors, producers, movie crews, etc. that create the “magic” on the movie screens. But every day people are living the daily drama of parenting. There is no script. Sometimes, there are no happy endings, just endings that are the best option. For most, there is no crew to assist. And of course, there isn’t millions of millions of dollars pouring in either. Although, I’m sure many of us would like to sell tickets to our parenting adventures.

So to start the ceremony, I would like to award a Parent “Oscar” to…..my wife. Little A’s mom. I won’t lie, she swept this year’s awards.

Her day’s are filled with poopy diapers, crankiness, baby laughter, bottles, milk, mashed up fruits and vegetables no adult would eat, nap time, and the occasional sitting on the little guy’s plastic toys.

The action is intense, with periods of silent intrigue. I give this award in several categories. Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Set Design, Best Costume, and most of all Best Picture and Best Actress, (even if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, you can never tell).

On a side note, the Best Supporting Actor award goes to Little A. He plays the part of an innocent, playful, happy, cranky, eating, sleepy, challenging, give-me-what-I-want-when-I-want-it, baby better than anyone else in the industry.

Let me know who you would like to give a Parent “Oscar” to.