My Coffee Addiction: A Not So Unhealthy Problem

Coffee. What would parents do without the java? I believe I wouldn’t be able to function. I must admit, I, like most of the world, have a coffee addiction. As a dad to a near one-year-old, I’m OK with that.

Let’s face the truth, coffee is an essential part of modern living for many of us. My wife however, doesn’t touch the stuff. She doesn’t like the taste. Depending on the brand, she doesn’t even like the smell.  In fact, during her pregnancy, I was exiled to brewing my coffee in the garage. Yes, the garage.

This morning for example, Little A woke us up at approximately 1:30 am. The red digits on the alarm clock were blurry at that time in the morning. Something was bothering the little one and the only remedy was mommy. He wanted nothing to do with me. So I did what any good dad would do, and went back to bed. Before anyway criticizes me for abandoning my wife in the situation, she told me to go back to bed and meant it.

The situation came full circle as I couldn’t fall asleep. It just wasn’t happening. So much for getting the spousal reprieve. Finally, around 6:00 am, is when I passed out.

By 7:30 I was up again, and by 8 on my way to Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t know about everyone else, but I run on Dunkin.

Without coffee, I’m not sure what the day would bring. I’m not sure I would function accordingly. Least of all, I would be no use at work or home, let alone blogging. I may have a coffee addiction, but this is one I will gladly continue.

What’s most interesting, is coffee consumption isn’t exactly a bad thing. Check out Coffee Can Help You Live Longer. Do you want more antioxidants? Read 9 Amazing Benefits Of Coffee. Finally, some good advice from the Mayo Clinic.

A note about my personal habit, I try to limit myself to less than 20 ounces per day of the coffee. Let’s face it, most coffee drinks don’t really go by cups, but liquid ounces.

Drink up dad’s. But not too much.