What Do I Know About Oatmeal Bath Wash?


Oatmeal (Photo credit: desegura89)

Oatmeal bath wash, I have no idea what it is. Never heard of it. But, I still get to provide input on the purchase of such a product. Yes, what am I supposed to say when my wife calls me and asks which oatmeal bath wash we should get Little A?

I realized a while back there is nothing beyond the realm of a dad. Nothing. Not hand and face wipes, Boogie Wipes, catching the little one’s drool with your hand, and now colloidal oatmeal. Life has come full circle.

Of course I want Little A to feel better and have his rash clear up. But this is honestly new territory for daddy. I appreciate my wife making the actual purchase, as I’m sure I would have the deer-in-headlights look. At least I would provide much humor to a potentially drab existence of a teenage cashier. But I feel in some way, unqualified to provide adequate insight. I need time to research, to learn, talk to other parents! But no, a random call answered with a hurried reply. My initial response: “huh?” I suspect I’ll be spoken to about that when she returns.

I further suspect we are the proud owners of several versions of said baby oatmeal bath wash. There is a lesson in all this, I just don’t know what it is. Maybe I’ll find the answer in my bowl of breakfast oatmeal tomorrow morning. The irony isn’t lost on this dad.


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