Superman and Batman Together?

The New Batman/Superman Adventures

The New Batman/Superman Adventures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rarely do I post twice in one day, but thanks to the sore throat, I have some time. I just read that Superman and Batman will unite for the first time on the big screen in 2015. Here the kid in me comes out.

What an awesome, and overdue, concept for a full length film. I’m not one to go to the movies, and I’m a comic-book superhero neophyte for sure. However, thanks to re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, I’m more in the proverbial “superhero loop.”

I would have to say I’m a bigger fan of Batman than Superman. The abilities of the Son of Krypton is beyond us mortals. But Batman is different. Anyone of us could be Batman. In many ways, many of us dad’s already are.

Think about it, for many, we have daytime gigs. Whatever job it may be. Then, we come home after long days, and its daddy time. We kill bugs, fix the kitchen sink, change a diaper or three. Bathe, feed, and then read the Pout-Pout Fish six times before finally laying the kid to bed. Oh wait, that’s me.

I’m still looking for my utility belt, but thanks to Batman, I’ll live vicariously through him. I’ll tell the wife now, we will plan a date night in 2015 for this one.

Who is your favorite superhero?


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