A Sick Sunday Morning Musing

I hate sore throats. A sore throat is the worst thing ever. Yesterday, I awoke to a scratchy, rough, burning, raw, sensation in my throat. Forget about swallowing. Here in the Northeast we’ve experienced a heat wave that was simply hot.

Today, that heat has finally broken. With it, comes daddy’s allergies. Sore throat and all. I of course, don’t have time to feel ill. What doesn’t help is last night’s sleep really didn’t come. It was reminiscent of those early months with Little A. Joy.

What’s more, is how do you tell a one-year-old no, when you feel as if you can barely squeak. Today, I expect will resemble a Ricola commercial more than a relaxing Sunday.

I hate sore throats. This is where my wife will complain I’m more like the baby than the baby. She realized long ago, that men are not good when it comes to being sick. Regardless of how mild a cold or sore throat it may be.

Fortunately, blogging doesn’t require talking. My words speak for me. Hopefully Little A will realize Daddy isn’t feeling top drawer today and will actually listen. Who am I kidding? I’ll blame that sentence on the throat.


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