The Top 5 Things Every New Dad Needs To Have

When my wife was expecting, the most advice I received was to get my sleep now. The intent of this advice was good, but catching up on my sleep before I was going to need it served no purpose. Second, it didn’t prepare me for the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. So for all the new dad’s out there, here are five things you will definitely need:

  1. Infant gas medicine. Check with your pediatrician first, but when junior is screaming his head off at 2 am and you don’t know why, chances are he’s got gas.
  2. The baby’s favorite song or tune. The sooner you figure out what type of musical ditty your baby likes, go with it. Memorize it, write it down, download it, you get the idea.
  3. A musical toy device. For example, a toy play mat we had for Little A came with an electronic star that played music. This worked every time no matter what. Especially if you tire of performing number 2 above.
  4. The baby’s favorite stuffed animal, blanket, whatever item that makes them comfortable when sleeping. Trust me.
  5. A pacifier strap. The mommy may not want this nifty little item, and that’s fine. Then she will need to find the way to quite the child. Once the pacifier is out, good luck. Amazon sells these for as low as $3.99.

The list above comes from my experience. If other’s have ideas, please share, (Mommy’s are welcome too).

Good luck to the new dad’s out there.



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