A Future Version Of My Son?

Babies are fascinating in many ways and in many random moments. Last night, was one such moment. I saw the future of my son, but I won’t be there to really see it.

I don’t know if what I saw will become reality. Honestly, I hope not in some ways. Let me begin by saying I hope he lives a long and healthy life. I truly hope he grows to be an old man.

What I saw, however, was a vision of said old man. Crawling on the floor, in a green tee-shirt and shorts, with brown monkeys on them, was my son. His slightly disheveled hair gave him the look of an 80-something just waking from a midday nap. His diaper stuck out over the back of his shorts. Sufficiently covering his back to prevent additional laundry for mommy.

He was completely content crawling towards his basket of books. I envision him moving slowly towards his recliner searching for a remote. I hope he won’t need diapers and definitely hope he goes with striped pajamas or plaid rather than monkeys.

Of course I then realize this is only one potential scenario on the space-time continuum. None of us can know the future. Fortunately for Little A, his future is just beginning. Maybe if he ever reads this post, it will motivate him to make sure he never needs added protection to prevent additional laundry. If anything, he won’t buy any clothing involving monkeys.


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