The Silent Week Of Blogging and Some Wedding Advice

Wedded couple with wedding cake

Wedded couple with wedding cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t posted all week. This is rather unusual for me. Call it blogger’s block, writer’s block, or I just couldn’t think of anything. Or, once again, life created many interruptions. This past week, my wife and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. Where did the time go?

Our time together has all life’s ups and downs, but what marriage doesn’t? However, I’m not sure if I should be concerned. On our way to our celebratory dinner, my wife tells me she watched the DVD of our wedding photos. She never had any intention to do so. The wedding DVD fell out of our entertainment center while she was putting one of our son’s Thomas and Friends DVDs away.

Needless to say, I’m still searching for the meaning in this.

After five years, we’ve both come to the realization that a wedding is just an event. The next morning you wake up, all you have is each other. The attention is gone, the pomp and circumstance is gone. You’re left with a book (and DVD) of memories. We ate the top of our wedding cake on our one year anniversary. Wasn’t the same defrosted.

I wouldn’t trade my wife in for anything. I’m truly a lucky man. No, I didn’t just say that because she reads the blog. My advice to those getting married is don’t get caught up in the event of the wedding. Look at the relationship, the person you’re planning on spending the rest of your days with. Your story starts there.


8 thoughts on “The Silent Week Of Blogging and Some Wedding Advice

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Totally agree. The wedding is nothing but a day. An event. But a marriage is every OTHER day after that. 😀

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