I Hope My Son Is a Yankee Fan: A Sunday Morning Musing

I hope my son is a Yankee fan. At least, I hope he’s a baseball fan. Right now, Little A is too little to understand baseball. But, as a lifelong fan of the game, and lifelong fan of the Yankees, I hope the love of the game will be something we share.

English: New York Yankees slugger during the N...

If he’s a fan of the game but not of the Yankees, I won’t be disappointed or upset, unless he’s a Met or Red Sox fan. I’m sure however, much conversation and probably numerous father-son moments will occur.

Following sports I think will be useful in teaching lessons to the little guy. I also think, following sports in today’s world will be more complex than the days of Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio. Where did you go Joe? Twitter didn’t exist, blogs didn’t exist, sports news wasn’t a twenty-four-seven cycle. The way these athletes were off the field, wasn’t common knowledge and rarely discussed in the sport media. Sports in general is more reflective of the world around us than ever before.

When talking about the Yankees I hope I won’t have to explain steroids and the desire to cheat to get ahead, but I know I will. When talking about sports, I will have to talk about off-the-field situations like Aaron Hernandez.

Professional athletes are not bad, unfortunately like any other profession, there are a few bad apples that spoil the bunch. I hope my son is a Yankee fan so we can share in the history of that franchise and what it represents about sports.  I also will teach him that sports are just sports. That professional athletes are just people and these men and women are not heroes.

In the end, I hope my son is a Yankee fan. If nothing else, I want to hand down my Yankee collectibles and know they won’t end up in a yard sale.


6 thoughts on “I Hope My Son Is a Yankee Fan: A Sunday Morning Musing

  1. I especially like your statement that athletes are just people and not heroes. That is so true. Good luck in your endeavor in bringing up your son to be a Yankees fan.

  2. Boys are generally nothing but thrilled to like what their daddies like, and do what their daddies do, that I doubt you have anything to worry about! 😀

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