The Positives of Being Positive

Do you know someone who is negative? Nothing makes them happy. You could tell them they just won millions in a lottery and they respond, “yeah, I’m going to get $30 million instead of $50 million due to taxes.”

There are many people out there who take the silver lining to every situation and cut it to shreds, then cover it with dirt. Negativity is one of my least favorite traits I see in others and myself.

I’m guilty of being negative too. We all are. But some people are predisposed to being constantly negative. I believe those individuals are less healthy than the rest of us. Over the past few weeks it seems more and more negativity is around me. I don’t know why this is.

Is it society? Is it the news? Is it the economy? Or, is it simply people just don’t realize how good life actually is? Everything that we hear about the world around us, regardless of the source, is biased in some form. Everything is perspective. I’m not sure why, but perspectives lately are more dire than in recent memory.

Here’s where I relate my diatribe to parenting: negativity is bad for the children. So don’t be negative parents. This doesn’t mean we don’t teach our children the realities of life, we must. The world can be a harsh place. However, constant negativity does nothing to make the world a better place. Not to mention, staying positive is a good leadership trait and as parents we are the ultimate leaders.

I hope, for my son’s sake, there won’t be as much negativity around as he grows.


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