Father’s Day

What does Father’s Day mean to you? I overheard someone ask this question yesterday. I’ve never really thought about Father’s Day as anything more than a day to call my dad and send a card. Last year, when Little A was born, that changed.

I’m the dad now. Little A is still too young to realize what today is, but I have much more to think about on Father’s Day. I think it’s easy to take dads and moms for granted. So on this day, I’ll be thinking about what my dad means to me, and what I hope I’ll mean to Little A.

My dad taught me, and continues to teach me, many things. From shaving, to fishing, he showed me many of the good things in life. One point about the fishing, I’m all for throwing the fish back into the water. But, I must say, when they aren’t biting and you finally catch one, it’s tough to let it go. Yet, another lesson the old man taught me, sometimes no matter how hard you work, things may not turn out the way you like.

Dad also did many things for me that maybe he never enjoyed himself, but seeing me enjoy them was fulfillment enough. Becoming a father has made me realize what sacrifice and joy are all about.

What memories do you have of your dad? What does Father’s Day mean to you?

P.S. Happy Father’s Day Dad.



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