Sunday Morning Musings: What’s In A Birthday?

English: Frederick Daniel Hardy - The First Bi...

English: Frederick Daniel Hardy – The First Birthday Party Oil painting on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Little A just turned one. Yes one. When others would say how fast time flies, I never paid much attention. I was wrong, time does fly.

This past year was amazing. But what’s in a birthday? Little A is getting not one, but four parties. Thanks to family….situations, and geography, four parties is actually easier.

That’s multiple sets of first birthday party supplies, and four special first birthday balloons. Which, since three parties are down, those three balloons are still floating in our living room. Helium is amazing.

I’ve also realized the first birthday party is more for mommy and daddy. The little guy has no clue. Although I think he’s starting to question why we keep trying to feed him cake every weekend.

We have one more party to go and in some ways I will be glad when it’s over. But I’m trying to take as much of this in as I can. The little one will be one only once. Time does fly when you’re having fun.

Happy birthday Little A.

Love, Daddy.


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