Some Prose of Blogging Frustration

I’m stuck on blogging.

I’m actually stuck.

I can’t seem to find ideas.

Wait, no, I have many.

So many post ideas, I forget.

What to do?

I should write them down.

I forget to.

The computer crashed.

Darn Windows 7.

My ideas slip away.

Computer fixed.

Thanks neighbor for your help.

I still can’t find my ideas.

Must backup the computer just in case.

Why didn’t I back up the computer before?

What do I blog about now?

The baby cries. Diaper changing time.

Man, I wish I could remember my ideas.

I’ll do a random post that resembles prose.

Its Saturday, time to mow the lawn.

I’ll be back.


1 thought on “Some Prose of Blogging Frustration

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