Sunday Morning Musings: Parenting Lessons From The Godfather

You may ask what The Godfather has to do with parenting? I will say while much talk of family occurs in the film, I wouldn’t say it’s a family movie. Yet, Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) has some good lessons for us parents. Particularly dads.

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This past week my readers may have noticed I didn’t post anything. Rather unusual for me, but I have a good reason. I was spending more time after work with my son, Little A. I’m not one to sacrifice time with the little one to blog, or do anything else for that matter. This week however, things just fell into place and we got more time together.So how does the Godfather relate? The moral conflicts aside, the Corleone family teaches loyalty and love. I can’t dispute the fact, although Michael was the favorite, that Vito Corleone loved his kids.

Aside from going to the mattresses, a classic quote and one that holds true meaning for me is “a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” The Don uttered this phrase when talking to Johnny Fontane in that white suit. Who can forget.

The point is true, there is nothing better than spending time with your family. Well, enjoying some cannoli is good too. I hope Little A will appreciate it later on in life. While I’ve missed posting this week, I don’t feel guilty. The trade-off was worth more than a few posts. Life can easily be busy, but for us dad’s we need to make time for our kids. For myself, it is the most rewarding thing I do.

If you’ll excuse me, Little A’s diaper is making me an offer I can’t refuse.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Parenting Lessons From The Godfather

    • Thanks Bill. Part 1 is by far one of the top movies of all-time. Part 2, great for the historical definitely. Not to mention if you look at the cast, some of the greats of the modern Hollywood era.

      Andy yes, the little guy takes precedence over everything.


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