Sunday Morning Musings: The Lawnmower, A Saga


Lawn (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Spring is here. It is that time of year again. The yard has seen better days. I truly enjoy maintaining my yard. For me there is a sense of pride in a well-kept lawn. We don’t have anything fancy going on, just some black mulch and I usually mow the lawn once a week.

This year, I decided to be more proactive than I was last year. Last weekend, I got out the mower and started tinkering around. My thought was since the grass wasn’t quite ready for the first cut of the year, let me be ready.

I checked the oil, the gas, and made sure there were no visible problems. I prime the motor and then it was showtime. I grasp the handle for the pull-cord. I squeeze tight. I position my feet in a wide stance, bending slightly at the knees and hips. This year, I remembered to stretch too. I pull the cord.


I pull the cord again. Still, nothing.

Third time is a charm, right?


I’m not so much perplexed as frustrated. What I thought would be a simple task, will now require some more effort on my part. I seem to have to resurrect our lawnmower every year, but I have an ominous feeling this time. Fortunately, our lawn can go another week without mowing.

The Neighbors

I like our neighbors. The problem with them, is they mowed their lawn. Now this puts the pressure on me. While our lawn can go a little longer without a cut, they felt the need to cut theirs. So of course a freshly cut lawn next to our not so freshly cut lawn, well, image is everything I guess.

Not to mention the lady across the street mowed hers too. They are all against me.

I of course will get over this and get the lawnmower mowing again. What’s interesting to me, is normally I’m not concerned with the opinions of others. Everyone is entitled. For most things, I would do them when I felt the need to do it. Except when it comes to mowing the lawn, I feel I need to keep up with everyone. The indirect pressure is on. I don’t want to be that neighbor that everyone whispers about and points to the house. Talk about a complex.

So on this sunny Sunday, I will once again be tinkering with the old lawnmower. Praying to the grass-cutting gods to give me one more year out of this piece of lawn equipment. I love Spring.


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