A Baby, A Daddy, Lack of Sleep and A Talk With God

I will admit, I’m not the most religious person. There is no lack of faith as much as I pray my way. Of course as the father of a little one, I find myself talking to God a lot more than I care to admit.

Needless to say, the addition of a child has led to the subtraction of sleep. Over the past weekend, something interesting finally happened. I spoke to God about sleep. More accurately, I spoke to God about Little A’s sleep and when he should do it.

Now over the span of decades I’ve talked to God about tests in school, research papers, my road test, that girl who ultimately rejected me when I asked her to senior prom, (in retrospect I’m OK with that, I guess that’s why God is God). Of course there have been significantly more serious talks too, but those are not for the Internet. So I’m no stranger to talking to the one upstairs about various things.

Little A typically rises between 6:45 am and 7:00 am during the week. One would think he would keep this pattern on the weekends. Unfortunately, no. Saturday he woke up a little after 5:00 am. Sunday, 5:30 am. This of course, doesn’t please the mommy which in turn doesn’t please the daddy. And no amount of caffeinated morning beverages helped. Thus ensued a conversation with God. I simply asked why? Why does my little guy feel it is acceptable to get up that early on the weekends?

I have yet to get an answer. However, I suspect if God was listening, I will find out this weekend. Hopefully, Little A will allow us to sleep past 6:00 am. I will take that much. After all, life is about compromise. Of course, I can’t lose sight of the bigger picture. God has many more important things to worry about than whether this dad gets an extra hour of shut-eye on a Saturday. If this is all I have to worry about, then maybe I should be giving thanks more than asking questions.



2 thoughts on “A Baby, A Daddy, Lack of Sleep and A Talk With God

  1. It gets better. By the time he’s a teenager, you’ll be wondering why he sleeps so late!
    Also, in the future, you’ll be able to pray to God with him. My boys find it interesting what I pray for when I’m praying with them. It gives them a better sense of daddy’s real priorities.
    Hang in there, man.

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