Parenting and Leadership: Teaching Of Respect

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? The age-old question remains open for many of us. What is easily answered, however, is what comes first: behavior or respect. If an individual, as a child, is taught respect, their behavior will follow.

Parents have the tremendous responsibility of teaching kids respect. Everything stems from respect. Respecting oneself means respecting others. I’ve come across numerous instances where adults lack respect for one another. Nothing good results from this. Nothing.

WIthout showing respect, and this is different from liking a person, the ability to negotiate disappears. We don’t, and won’t, like everyone we encounter in life. I would almost venture to say we dislike more people than we like in our modern culture. This doesn’t mean we still don’t show respect. Children who learn to respect others will grow up to be far more successful adults. I don’t have any scientific data to back this statement up, but I think this is more common sense than anything else.

Parents who show a lack of respect for each other, themselves, and others will only set their children up for a rough path in life. I will not go into what is prompting this post, but let me just say I’ve witnessed gross disrespect from intelligent adults more than I care to admit.

Behavior, whether in children or adults, stems from respect. Once a person learns how to respect others, they will use this as a core value to drive their future behavior. I believe this is a true statement. I’m sure I will make mistakes as my son grows older. It’s inevitable. However, I will ensure one thing, I will teach him respect. Respect for himself, respect for his parents, and respect for others. Then, just maybe, I’ll be slightly less concerned about his future behavior.



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