What In The He%^ Is In The Chicken?

English: Chicken in public market, Mazatlan, S...

This evening was Little A’s first experience with meat. Chicken to be exact. OMG! I apologize for using the language of texting, but this is the best “word” I can use to describe the experience.

With chubby cheeks, a little of bit of drool escaping the corner of his mouth, and feet kicking wildly my son was eagerly anticipating dinner. Mommy stirred the chicken. Scooped a small amount on the spoon, and in the chicken went.

The priceless look of absolute disgust on my son’s face will never leave my memory; or the 16 GB memory card we captured it on. At this particular moment, I as a father, experienced mixed emotions. Humor at the look on his face, pity because he didn’t know how to spit out the food; and concern as to how he could not like chicken.

It was after my wife told me, and I quote, “smell this,” I realized the source of my son’s disgust. I understand that baby food is different from what we are used to eating. Yet, I’m perplexed as to who would consider what I smelled, appetizing.

I am however, encouraged as to the level of intelligence my son demonstrated this evening. He graciously spared me the experience of later having to smell the digested version of said chicken. If he understood the fist-bump I attempted to thank him with, my day would be truly complete.

Moments such as these are ones that I’m sure many parents don’t forget. It was priceless. I’m sure he will grow to like chicken, just not the kind that comes in a small jar.

Now I’m off to throw out the garbage….




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