Sunday Morning Musings: Generations

Over the past week I’ve found myself more aware of the similarities in my son to myself and other relatives. Small things, nothing big, but mannerisms, and actions that remind me of my dad, and grandfather. Or maybe it’s what I want to see?

Aside from looking more like me every day, (sorry mommy), the way he moans after eating a good meal reminds me of my grandfather. The devilish look he gives when he rips his sock off of his foot, after one of his parents just put it on, reminds me of my dad playing jokes on me.

Each generation has its own characteristics. Their own way of doing things. But aside from looks, it’s a pretty cool thing to see these little similarities passed down. Of course, maybe these similarities only exist in my eyes. Maybe, I want to see these similarities and they’re not really there?

I prefer my original theory that these similarities do exist from generation to generation. I think they are there and for me, that is tremendous. I’m sure many other parents out there would agree, seeing various behaviors, the little things in their kids that remind them of previous generations is a good feeling. After all, that is what makes a family, a family.


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