Think Outside the Box

Creativity drives the world. From blogging, to art, to the iPod I’m writing on, human creativity drives us. When it comes to parenting and leadership, creativity is an asset and a skill.

The other evening Little A was rather cranky. Neither mommy nor I knew what to do. Nothing worked to ease his demeanor. It was time to think outside the box.

My creativity lead to a song and dance really. Listen, it kept the little guy happy long enough to get back to our routine. Who knew he was looking for some live entertainment.

Here I was thinking a toy, his play center, the crib, maybe an early bath would work. Nope, get creative daddy, think outside the box.

Now think about leadership, same thing. Regardless of what we do, leadership takes creativity. Very easy can leaders, and their followers especially, get bogged down in the current process. How many times do we hear it’s always been done this way?

The more leaders think outside the box, the more they can improve morale and ultimately improve service and productivity. For me, good morale leads to good health. Healthy followers will help the leader achieve goals more efficiently regardless of obstacles and challenges.

As parents, we are leaders. Thinking outside the box will allow us to tackle any challenge involving our kids. What better lesson to teach than that?


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