Daily Prompt: B+

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us to write: Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

Here goes nothing….

Last weekend’s album opened with a prelude describing how the artist was thinking way to much about this blog. An early morning rising due to the sounds emanating from the baby’s room gave the tired father some time to think about his blogging career.

Track one is titled “The Morning Bottle.” Take this title for its literal meaning. No liquor here, straight up mommy’s milk for the little guy. Seven ounces of pure enjoyment for the baby. However, remember track one as a premonition for a later track.

Track two: “The Diaper Song.” Again, nothing unique to the content other than this track gives you that queasy feeling. A mix of vertigo and green bean induced aroma. Track two has the potential to hit number two on the charts.

Track three: “Baby, Daddy Loves You, But Please Take a Nap.” An ongoing theme throughout this album is the simplicity of the message. Track three continues this trend. The artist appeals to every parent out there with this one. If, as a parent, you can’t relate, you must have a nanny.

Track four: “You Wake the Baby, I Beat You.” This was a pleasant surprise track, as it’s actually a lullaby.

Track five: “Lunch, Anything Is Fine, As Long As I Ain’t Gotta Make It.” The emotion poured from this track. The lyrics give the listener an overall sense of exhaustion and the desire for an “easy” meal. Spoiler: there is a bonus track at the end talking about a foot long sub for cheap.

Track six: “Wahhhh, Wahhhh, Wahhhhhhh. Come Get Me Out of the Crib, I’m Awake.” Did I mention track five is the shortest? Track six comes to us with a sense of urgency. I wasn’t overly impressed with the lyrics as the chorus is a bit much.

Track seven: “The Bottle, a Nighttime Edition.” Remember the premonition from track one? The bottle is back, except this time it requires a bottle opener and a chilled mug for the artist.

Track eight: “Hush, Daddy Is Sleeping.” The album abruptly comes to an end with track eight. The lyrics provide us with some interesting hints. First, track seven skipped, so we get the pleasure of listening to it twice. Second, we realize the album will repeat automatically the following day.


19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: B+

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  4. Particularly love the track titles – I’m not a dad myself, but I think listening to this album would give me a real insight. Love the auto-repeat for the next day!

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