It’s the Little Moments That Really Count Daddy

Lately, I’ve thought about moments as memories. What they mean and how those meanings apply to life now. When it comes to being a father, I’ve realized just how important the little moments in life are.

In my last post, I shared a quote by Charles Swindoll that I believe holds true: Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. The more thought I give to this quote, the more meaning it has for me.

Swindoll’s words have special meaning that I think is lost in our daily lives. The little moments we take for granted are moments that write the chapters of our individual stories.

From our favorite toys and baby food, to the way we say certain words, these apparently mundane moments really are important.

A moment that lately repeats itself, is how my son becomes easily distracted by his hand. He is instantly fixated by the shadow his fingers create on the wall by his changing pad. He moves his tiny fingers, palm open, in wavy, smooth, whimsical motions. A slight smirk forms, but mainly drool comes forth until a toy or one of his parents gains his attention. Is this moment important? Maybe. Insignificant? Not anymore. The curiosity, the intrigue, the simplicity of his discovery, to me has a deeper meaning than I ever expected. When I’m at work, or away from him, moments like these are just some that bring a smile to my face.

These moments create minutes of happiness. In turn they create memories, that hopefully, will last a lifetime. As Swindoll says, the memory banks of our children grow daily. And while each day of our adult lives provides our children with memories, so to do the lives of our children as their words and actions fill the vaults of our memories.


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