Sunday Morning Musings: Post-Winter Storm Nemo

Cover of "White Christmas"

Cover of White Christmas

The snow cometh, the snow will go away. Winter Storm Nemo was Little A’s first big snowstorm. We saw only a foot of snow, give or take, but the result provided for some excellent photo opportunities.

When I think of such snow events, I can’t help but think of Bing Crosby and cast in White Christmas. The image of Bing, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen on the train headed towards Vermont always comes to mind. Who can forget the lively rendition of “Snow” sung in the cafe car? Truly a classic film from a bygone era. Yet, regardless of the time of winter, this song always comes to mind when the flakes begin to fall.

Once we cleared the driveway, and the front steps dusted off, we could finally see the red-painted wood of our porch, we told Little A to get dressed. Of course, he stared at us and realized he was going in his bear cub snow suit. He was less than pleased. However, I was truly amused as he was staring at me with the “how can you let me be dressed in this thing” look over mommy’s shoulder as she carried him outside.

Nemo brought much to a halt for millions. Stranded a number of vehicles on the Long Island Expressway, and unfortunately some lost their lives. A weather event like this, however, is a good time to pause and think about what we have. Nemo gave my family time to sit back and really enjoy our time together. If only because we couldn’t do or go anywhere else.

Maybe we as families shouldn’t wait until the next storm to step back and spend quality time together. Maybe, just maybe, spending quality time with our kids is something we should always make time for, everyday?

Next time I see White Christmas, or hear that classic crooner Bing Crosby, I think the memories I associate will be of my son’s first time in the snow. For that, I’m grateful.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Post-Winter Storm Nemo

  1. Years ago, before we had kids, (March of 2000, I believe), my wife and I lived in an apartment in Sanford, ME. It snowed for three straight days. We played a lot of monopoly, and got to know each other a lot better. 🙂

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