Parenting and Leadership: Take a Chill Pill Daddy

I posted before about parenting and leadership. I firmly believe as a father, I’m also a leader to my son. Check out my discussion on leadership and parenting here. As my little guy continues to grow and develop, I’ve found some of his behavior frustrating at times. I know, surprising isn’t it? So I decided, as a leader, to chill out.

For example, Little A is embarking on the wonderful baby adventure of teething. Needless to say, nature is cruel. At times he has a slight fever, is cranky, cries uncontrollably. Other times he is simply inconsolable. Since he can’t tell me what exactly is hurting or bothering him, the whole experience is a guessing game. I get frustrated because for all my desire to help him, I’m helpless. Insert the “chill pill.” Take the chill pill when it comes to parenting doesn’t mean ignoring your child, or giving up. Simply put, relax. Step back for a moment and realize your emotional response.

As a leader in any other field, an emotional response usually leads to more problems. Same principle applies to parenting. If my little guy is cranky, won’t stop crying, or squirming, or is fighting against what I want him to do, emotionally I’m through the roof. Getting frustrated only adds to the frustration of my little one. He can sense it. He feels my aggravation.

Now, if I respond by raising my voice or throwing a tantrum, what does that accomplish? Nothing. If anything, I’ve achieved one thing: justifying his behavior.

Relax dads, (and moms). The whole thing will get better. As a parent, you are leading your child toward emotional maturity regardless of age. Remember to take your chill pills with you where ever you go. You, and your little one, will be glad you did.


10 thoughts on “Parenting and Leadership: Take a Chill Pill Daddy

  1. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I am your future! Enjoy. Eventually you wont have to take a chill pill, as long as the police don’t turn up at your door, your relaxed!

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