Daily Prompt: Musical

Daily prompt: Musical asks what role does music play in your life?

Growing up I tickled the ivories on the piano and blasted away on the trumpet. Playing music was truly a passion that faded away as I grew older, (secretly I would love to be in a jazz band).

Like so many others, music marked major and minor milestones through life. From graduations to my wedding, music painted the picture of events in life. Songs I listen to define the minor milestones such as birthdays and holidays.

As I’ve grown older my memories of past events seem to have a soundtrack to them. If I listen to #41, my favorite Dave Matthews Band song, I recall many memories of hanging out with my friends. Ironically, I remember thinking back then whether or not I would look back at those moments when I listened to various songs. I’m still amazed how a specific song elicits memories of a specific event.

Fast forward to the present and music fills everyday life. Why? because of Little A. When my wife was expecting, I never imagined how integral music would be in the daily life of my son and us. Everything plays music. The star that hangs from his play mat; the miniature iPod-looking device strapped to his play center; the Leap Frog dog named Scout that holds up to ten songs; and finally the aquarium that lights up and plays classical music to help Little A go to sleep (thank you aquarium).

Music is everywhere, anytime. Music truly defines life. I think many of us don’t realize how much music our ears ingest, voluntarily or involuntarily, on any given day. So to answer the question, music plays a humongous role in my life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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