Sunday Morning Musings: Daddy Replaced By Curious George

It’s official, I have been replaced by a cartoon. The other evening I sat with Little A on the couch. I had not one, but two books ready to read. I picked up the first book and opened it.

Page one was fine, page two Little A began to moan. Page three the pacifier was out and my little guy was arching his back, attempting to peer around the book.

Curious George was on the television. Little A was more interested in the cartoon than listening to daddy read him a book.

I like Curious George as well. It is one of my favorites. But I wasn’t ready to be replaced so soon. They grow up so fast. I truly thought I had a good twelve or thirteen years at least. Before I know it, he’ll be taking the toy keys without my permission.

Now I know I’m making this a bigger issue than it really is. In my son’s defense, he didn’t get to watch the little monkey earlier that morning. But I still feel slightly discarded.

I certainly won’t lose sleep over this. In fact, about half way through the episode, Little A developed acute crankiness that was only cured by daddy rocking him. But he hasn’t admitted he needed me for that yet.

I’m still amazed at how much our kids need us. What our kids may not realize is just how much we need them.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Daddy Replaced By Curious George

  1. I really love that last sentence. That is exactly right. I told my two young sons yesterday that without them, my life would seem so boring and empty. They told me I could always get a dog.
    Nice post,

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