Sunday Morning Musings: Why Blogging Is Important

In my post Reality Blog Award thoughts, I decided to go off the normal theme of this blog. I got to thinking about why blogging is important to those who blog and those who read.

Blogs provide us with the thoughts and ideas of everyday people. Today’s society spoon- feeds us what we are supposed to know and therefore think. Yet how many of us consider mainstream media’s information important?

I’m not saying knowing what is going on in the world isn’t important. To become better individuals we need to see beyond our own borders. However, each one of us has a story. I hold a bachelors degree in history and one of my favorite professors always reminded us that each of us has our own history. Our individual stories make up history. Some stories are simply more well known.

This is where I think blogging is truly important. Writing a blog allows us to voice and share our own stories. To share our own histories. I personally don’t care what the Real Housewives of anywhere are doing. But, I do enjoy hearing about everyday people watching their kids discover the world; or everyday people pursuing their writing dreams.

This is why I enjoy blogging. Everyday opinions matter and blogging allows those opinions to be heard.

Why do you think blogging is important?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Why Blogging Is Important

  1. I love the idea of blogging as a record of history. Let’s face it, no one keeps a journal anymore; therefore, another form of record is required to record history.

    Besides, when we must wholly rely on mainstream media, that will be a dark day.

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