Sunday Morning Musings: Children’s Books

Sunday morning is a great time to sit and write. The problem sometimes in deciding what to write about. This fine Sunday morning finds me thinking about the simplicity of children’s books.

I have pondered writing a children’s book of my own. When I say simplicity, I mean they appear simple. Yet, if you sit and pick the book apart, you realize that much thought goes into creating one. The story needs to be direct yet engaging, even for the little ones. The story needs to flow, but not get too involved. Not to mention the pictures.

Each night, I read at least one children’s book to Little A. At his age, the physical pages are more interesting than any of the words on the page. Watching him learn to grasp and flip the pages back and forth is pretty cool.  As 2013 progresses, and I pursue this writing thing, I may need to seriously consider attempting a children’s book.

In the mean time, I’ll stick to the short stories, which I continue to be stalled on. My fantasy story is quickly developing in my mind, but translating to paper is the challenge. Hopefully, I can overcome. To quote JFK again, we do this because it is hard.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Children’s Books

  1. Since K (3yrs) has been around, I have written a series of stories, nearly all inspired by our bed-time story time. I have really enjoyed writing them and sharing them with K and would like to do some more work to get them out to a larger audience. Perhaps someday. Once Little A gets a little older, he may request original stories from you, that is a great time to write them down and if A is like K, he will let you know which ones he wants to hear again and again. Good luck.

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