Baby Carrots, Applesauce and Growing Up

English: Homemade applesauce in the process of...

English: Homemade applesauce in the process of being made, using a Squeezo (partially visible). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, my wife and I introduced carrots and applesauce to Little A. Needless to say his reactions when tasting these wondrous foods for the first time were priceless. The carrots, well, not his favorite. Applesauce, now there is the stuff. It is like catnip for the little one.

What got me thinking however, is just how fast he’s growing. When we were expecting, everyone said they grow up fast. They weren’t kidding. What’s truly amazing is watching Little A discover new things and realize some of the things he can do. He still has his entire life ahead of him and I’m enjoying the journey of fatherhood and watching him grow. Yet I wonder, is this the best?

As we grow, we go through many different stages. Right now, Little A is discovering how his behaviors and noises gain the attention of mommy and daddy. His interactions are simply fun. I don’t know how else to describe it. Not to mention, he loves watching football. Wait, I already discussed that once before, sorry.

I’m writing this post with Little A sitting on my lap. He just woke up from his post bottle nap. He’s staring at the screen watching the characters flow down the “page.” Watching him watching what I’m doing is fun. I will miss this as he grows and becomes more aware of other things. Not to mention as he gets older and wants to do what he wants and daddy needs to do it with him.

So what is the best stage of our children’s lives to watch as parents? Is there a best stage? Since each stage is unique, is our enjoyment unique? I guess time will tell.


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