Relaxing As a Dad

Earlier I posted some suggestions on ways to relax as a new dad. I discovered a new relaxation method that was staring me in the face: Writing a blog post.

Yes, writing a blog post is an excellent way to relax. Writing in general can make one calm down. The ability to place your thoughts on paper or a screen can truly have therapeutic results. As an aspiring writer, I find this helps in several more ways:

1) Posting frequently improves traffic to one’s blog. In the end, aren’t all us bloggers looking for traffic?

2) Writing is a craft. Creating quality blog posts helps me to improve my writing skills.

3) Blogging is a craft. Improved writing skills helps me to create quality blog posts (see number two above.)

4) In my attempt to make a blog people actually want to read, writing posts leads to…wait for it….writing more posts. I get new ideas as I write current posts. This is truly an awesome cycle.

5) Like writers, bloggers can get writer’s block. This can lead to stress and who needs more stress? Especially with a six-month old at home. So writing the blog posts and knowing I’m creating and adding to my blog eliminates that stress. Again, awesome.

6) Finally, and for me the most important, I can sit at the computer with my little one and create posts. Fortunately he doesn’t squirm as much yet and he is intrigued by what he sees on the screen. For this dad the aspiring writer, I’m able to pursue my passion for writing and spend time with my child. Truly awesome.

Does writing help others to relax?


2 thoughts on “Relaxing As a Dad

  1. Writing definitely helps me relax. Also, two tips on tags. In the short while I’ve been blogging “writing”, “parenting” and “family” have been my top tags. My blog is about writing, so I understand that, but I’ve only done a couple posts on parenting and family life. I guess that’s just what people are looking for.

    • Great point about tags. They are super important. I have found “writing” to be my top tag. “Parenting,” “Family,” and “fatherhood,” have been up there for me as well.

      Thanks for reading!

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