Sunday Morning Musings: Writing Procrastination

As I’ve said before writing is a challenge. Writing is very challenging when I find myself procrastinating. Life, of course, is busy. Work, family, household chores, and now throw in juggling holiday celebrations, when is a dad going to write? But procrastination?

The bigger concern I have now, is my procrastination. I loathe myself for doing it. The truly disturbing thing, is I don’t know why I’m doing it. I wonder if I’m concerned over getting stuck. You know, the proverbial writer’s block?

I do know one thing, I find myself being concerned about enough time to write. I’m afraid of finally sitting down, starting to type, and then a I hear a cry from Little A. Or it’s time for dinner, or I simply just need some sleep. I also find irony in writing about writing procrastination.

Blogging is very important for any writer. I firmly believe this. Blogging in of itself is a craft. I find I learn something new about not only blogging, but my writing style each time I post. Yet, sitting at the keyboard, typing away, a little voice inside my head says “you should be working on your other writing projects!”

In my last post, Ernest Hemingway’s quote spoke of pouring your heart out when writing. At least that is my interpretation of his words. I guess I will simply have to take his advice and some of my own, and buckle down.It’s like college all over.

Does anyone have good suggestions for overcoming writing procrastination?


9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Writing Procrastination

  1. Write brother, write. I am a dad, a husband, a teacher, a college professor…and I am busy. I write when I can. Just do the best you can do.

    S. Thomas Summers
    Pushcart Nominated Author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War

      • Your book seems interesting. I did my senior thesis in college on the Civil War. Truly a unique time in our history and not just from the military aspect.

        Needless to say I’m now following your blog. I look forward to future posts.

  2. First, I am not a writer..though I have recently given thought to that since my boys have come around. And as I am not a writer, I can’t really say I have faced procrastination from a professional perspective. But, I have been writing a bunch of kids stories recently, essentially anything I make up for my boys, I then write it down for myself. I like Vonnegut’s approach, I write a story and feel at liberty to change gears and intersect a whole new story within that story as my fancy suits. I am finding that this is allowing me to be creative, to get things down, and I am not concerned with sticking to one solid story line, which I think I would stall on. Probably not much help, but perhaps liberating yourself from the need to finish a story will open up more creative avenues and other projects that can be fulfilled.

    • Thanks for the advice. You suggest an interesting approach. I do find myself thinking of other potential stories while attempting to write. Your suggestion may be right up my alley. I think the struggle will be to overcome my inability to deviate from a plan. I like the comfort of knowing what I’m attempting to do.

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