It’s Time For Tummy Time

Daddy: “Ok bud, let’s do some tummy time.”

Little A: “ee-ya, oohm.” Smile.

Daddy: “Oh, you are going to have so much fun on your play mat.”

Little A: blank stare

Daddy places Little A on the play mat belly down. There is a small, rolled-up towel under Little A’s chest. Baby arms and hands appropriately positioned to encourage Little A to lift his upper body. Let the Tummy Time commence.

Little A slowly raises his head into a ninety-degree angle. Looks up at daddy who is ecstatic.

Daddy: “Good job bud!”

Little A: concerned look, silence.

Daddy: “You can do it bud.”

Little A: “wha, wha, whaaaaaaa.”

Insert the watery eyes, the quivering lips and the eventual laying down of Little A’s head to commence in…sucking his hand. You may ask what does a parent do at this moment? The answer is simple: keep going with the tummy time.

Tummy time is essential in helping a little one develop neck strength, core strength, and indirectly patience. Eventually, this time will help baby to roll over and lead to the future mobility daddy discussed last week in The Mobile Infantcy.

Tummy Time also helped mommy and daddy develop our own patience and courage. Courage you ask? Yes courage. Letting your baby cry on the play mat because they don’t want to do this isn’t exactly easy to listen to. Especially when you’re a newbie to the parent thing. So it takes some courage; scratch that, a lot of courage to do it. I suggest everyone try a little Tummy Time, regardless of your age. I did the other night, and promptly fell asleep.


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