The Mobile Infantcy

Babies, newborns to be exact, depend upon others for their mobility. What struck me however, is just how indirectly mobile they are. Or at the very least, how mobile we make them.

Some years ago (1997, yes last century), there was a rather gruesome sci-fi movie called Starship Troopers. I’ll give you a very brief synopsis of the film. First off, Neil Patrick Harris (remember him as boy genius Doogie Howser? This is important because I reference Doogie later in this post). Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards also starred in this film. Ok, now the plot. Giant, human-hating bugs declare war on earth. They attack us by flinging asteroids at our cities. In this futuristic world, to gain citizenship you serve in the military. The really smart people join the Fleet. The rest join the Mobile Infantry, (how Darwinian). I yanked my title for this post from this. Don’t ask me exactly why, I just did.

Enough about movies about wars with bugs. The movie would be better if Doogie Howser busted out with a giant can of bug spray. I told you I was going to reference Doogie later in this post and now I just did. With that background, let’s get on to my point about how infants are mobile. Stop and think about what we have to haul our little ones around in. Strollers, car seats, baby carriers that strap to the front or back of mommy and daddy. Even the Pack-n-Play has wheels. Disclaimer: I do not recommend transporting your little one in the Pack-n-Play. .

I have not had the opportunity to utilize all methods of baby transport out there. I’m sure there are more brands and models of strollers and car seats than I care to know about.

The fear I have, as most first-time parents I would assume, is when that day comes when our little ones become independently mobile. That thought alone just made another gray hair spring to life. I’m already fearful of the day Little A learns to crawl, let alone walk. What our house will look like with protective covers on every corner I don’t know. Crap, another gray hair.


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